Is it time for parents of children in this fee paying school to take their children to a less doctrinaire environment? The characteristics described in this Daily Mail report smacks of everything we know about Cultural Marxism:  Do parents really want to PAY for the privilege of having their children indoctrinated in this manner?

Reports of teachers compelled to chant about “smashing” cultural norms are bizarre, to say the least! Would teachers also chant about smashing parental normativity, one wonders?!

Trent College, with its somewhat ironic school motto sapientia fons vitae – meaning “the beginning of good sense for life”, is the school that “shopped” its padre to the Prevent anti terror programme for his astonishing teaching theme that children do not HAVE to agree with LGBT ideology. That’s enough to call in the anti-terror spooks! And that’s the place where children are being “educated”?!

Meantime the Archbishops appear to have turned their backs on the Reverend Dr Bernard Randall, who is the padre at the centre of this unfortunate controversy. Is Randall being treated as a Judas character? And what, indeed, is the point of Archbishops?

We live in strange times ……

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