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Revelation and Tribulation

Revelation was originally written in Greek and in it, John uses the word thlipsis / ?????? for tribulation. It is very important to understand the wider meaning of this word and we pray this short word study will help. Please pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you to see what you need to see.

The world is currently being subjugated through fear and deception into accepting an identity marker with its rapidly evolving links to one’s ability to buy and sell. Many countries, Israel and Greece especially, are instituting new rules for those who have and have not been ‘identified’. The EU is introducing a combined green e-passport with all one’s personal data including your health status. In Greece your health status is registered on the tax system so your accountant can tell if you’ve taken your rapid tests. So let’s consider the deeper meanings of some key words in Revelation:

Patient endurance

The text below is from a Greek website, What is happening in Greece and Israel, regarded as a test case, is coming to all nations. Hence scripture calls for the patient endurance of the saints!

The State wants to divide the citizens into vaccinated and non-vaccinated, with the latter being subjected to intense political and social pressure. (thlipsis)

“Yes, there will be a separation between those who have and those who have not been vaccinated,” said Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, speaking at a digital conference on “Health Insurance after the Pandemic”, which was also attended by the President of Moderna.

As of Monday, the government is formally raising the issue of privileges – “facilities” or “liberties” – the terms used by the Prime Minister – for those who have completed the vaccination program.

The condition set by the government was to start the discussion where the platforms will be open for all citizens and they will have the opportunity to make appointments for vaccination, something that will happen in the coming days.


In Greece, starting at the end of June, those who have been vaccinated will not be required to take a self-test where required for entry (eg at work, in training, on ships, ferries etc.). In addition, the molecular test (PCR) will not be required if they come in contact with a positive case and will not be quarantined as long as they have no symptoms.

The fully vaccinated will be the first to move freely, without the mask, while from autumn the vaccination will be the “passport” for free entry indoors, for example in restaurants, bars, museums, theatres, cinemas, etc….

Those with eyes to see will be able to join the dots. Stay strong, keep your eyes on Jesus, hold fast to your faith which is more precious than gold – and learn to fly under the radar.

Emmaus Group, UK, June 2021