Open Doors has been helping suffering Christians for more than sixty years. ‘Among the Ashes’ is a short film aimed at churches in the UK at a time when many people are struggling with loss or perhaps even going through a time when everything seems to have fallen apart.

Recorded in an abandoned church in South Wales, the film explores a psalm of lament and presents recent stories from the persecuted church. We hope this powerful resource will be useful in prayer meetings, church services and at other events as we consider God’s presence in the ashes together, and find out how the biblical principle of lament can bring hope and comfort today. There is also an accompanying prayer resource, and a helpful prayer service or small group guide.

Please follow the link here which will take you to where you can watch the film and find out more about Among the Ashes.

We hope this resource will be both challenging, encouraging and helpful as you continue to remember and pray for our persecuted family around the world. Open Doors want to effectively equip UK churches to be connected with and praying for our persecuted family. If there’s anything else we can do to help your church, such as send resources or book a guest speaker for you, please do email or call on 01993 460015.

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