Georgina Hall reflects on the Christian journey. Her key texts are

2 Corinthians 5: 11-21 and John 8: 12

We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us (2 Corinthians 5: 20).

Pilgrims are seekers …..

A question that I never thought I would have to ask myself but which jumped into my mind last week as I lead a (Brilliant) team along a stretch of the Via Beata on Walk the Way.

Of course, I would say that starting out this was an opportunity for mission and evangelism. But as we walked the way of Blessing, a path that has been planned and prayed over for 14 years I found myself questioning what it is to be Pilgrim. You see, a pilgrim is often out there trying to find him/herself, perhaps they do not know the Living God yet, perhaps they are people who are Christians already, perhaps they have known Him but have forgotten…. Pilgrims are on a journey seeking something outside of the ordinary, something to make sense of the world in which they live.

Being aware of walking the Via Beata definitely brought out the Pilgrim in me. The knowledge that this path is a dedicated Way of blessing meant that as I walked, I could almost ‘feel’ the power of Holy Spirit coursing through my body – the Living God at work as I stepped forward seeking his leading, his divine appointments, was tangible. In my team I think I can safely say that we were all aware of Jesus working through us. We saw it in the response of people to us as we stopped to chat over the garden gates, as we listened to them and offered prayer for them. We saw it in the offers of tea and sandwiches from people who did not profess a faith and we saw it in the many, many times that Church leaders and elders offered to not only accommodate us, but also then went on to use us at coffee mornings, toddler groups and other activities that just happened to be under way as we passed through.

Flawed people, two questions …..

We Christian Pilgrims are real, flawed people, children of the Loving Living God. We hold something that cannot be contained, namely Holy Spirit and whether God flows from us through words, actions or both, He will show Himself. It is when we recognize these moments and contribute with our own actions, perhaps by listening or introducing a KGP or other helpful booklet, by offering to share the Gospel or pray, that we become Pilgrim Evangelists, people on a mission. This is true not just for Walk the Way but for our everyday. As our own relationship with God is deepened and enriched, we have more to spill out, to offer to others.

* What is your Pilgrim walk? What more of God are you seeking to find?
* Do you need to recognize that the Holy Spirit can and does flow through you?


 Georgina Hall – Through Faith Missions, 2021