Whilst the world convulses over ‘omicron’, it seems there are more significant killers hidden in plain sight, but largely ignored: https://lrb.co.uk/the-paper/v43/n23/david-wallace-wells/ten-million-a-year

Perhaps the obvious Christian comment is that Mankind has lost the ability to focus on death, and indeed to die well. Mankind must run away from death. As Mankind rejects his creator God, so the reality and inevitability of meeting that same creator God needs to be pushed ever further from his thoughts, as he determines that he will now conquer a relative of the common cold (SARS-Cov2). Yet there are many causes of death, and they are not going to be defeated. Man is, after all (surprise, surprise!) mortal.

Yet that is how God created us …… It is appointed for man to live once and then to die (Hebrew 9:27).

Praise God! One way or another, we are going to meet Him.