Despite having no lockdown, and thus offending the global elite, Swedish people seem enthused by covid passporting and implanting microchips. One of our contributors made some pertinent observations on the progress of the Coronapassports, below. Notes and links below – readers may find insightful:

David Noakes talk

David Noakes talk, November 2021, is lengthy, but valuable: Wide ranging, but interconnected. Looking at my notes in sequence (in case you just want to dip in, although I think we are familiar with much of this):

Abortion, world gone insane, some interesting reflections on the Hebrew for spirit, mind and body, woke and the debasing of language, why the enemy hates Israel and Britain, that man now worships man for the first time in history (does not need God or “gods”), why the Lord is allowing Covid-19 to carry on, the churches abandoning the faith, the remnant, his own experience of depending on the Lord in the wilderness, God’s desire to restore the “fear of the Lord”, prediction of economic collapse and a spiritual harvest, our heavenly hope, the Lord seeking an Acts 4 church – emboldened to witness in the face of religious opposition, coming climate change restrictions being more extreme than Covid measures, the privilege of being called to serve the Lord at this time.


On a related note, someone in Sweden showing off his Covid Certificate (“covidbevis” – proof of Covid, literally). The link is to Aftonbladet, a popular Swedish publication. Interview in Swedish, but the English comments at the beginning and end are accurate, and you can certainly get the gist from the visuals.

The man talks about having two chips, one for health monitoring (chest), and the other for storing personal data like contact information, blood type and his Covid Certificate (hand). I initially wondered if he just meant proof that he’d had Covid, but I am now confident he is just using a more colloquial term for the vaccine passport. This “Coronapass” (no translation needed) page this particular interview along with others related to the vaccine passport, also referred to as the “vaccinationspass”.

Blessings all.