Peter Sammons reflects on a recent MoD Report


It appears that ‘transhumanism’ is becoming a UK Government objective, but in a disguised fashion. In a forthcoming CPI book I shall posit that Mankind’s ultimate quest is to become HomoDeus – that is, man as “god”, working out his own destiny in defiance of his Creator God. In the past decade the building blocks towards the HomoDeus project have become increasingly clear, as in this schematic:

It was author Yuval Hariri who coined the term HomoDeus, but the objective has been on Mankind’s heart since Genesis chapter 3. Mankind has always thought he could be like God (3: 4).

What Hariri added, was his breathless excitement at the prospect of harnessing technology to achieve “god-like” qualities. Check out Hariri’s website: .

Christian writer John Lennox, in more measured tones, has explored the same question in “2084 – Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity”:

Today the UK Ministry of Defence, and its German counterpart, is exploring “the human platform” as a weaponising concept. So sad. The 2021 report opening up the debate is here, completely ignored by the MSM as it was then thoroughly enthralled and entranced by “Covid 19”. Here is the MoD report:

Christian comment: Take a look at the cover design of the MoD Paper (link above). In one sense that says everything we need to know. Jesus said we will hear of wars and rumours of wars until He returns (Matthew 24:6). Wars of the future may be fuelled by a new type of augmented ‘soldier’.

The Bible tells us of the advance of technology (Daniel 12:4), so human augmentation (transhumanism) may be a feature of this evil future scenario. But Jesus also said “when these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” (Luke 21: 28, NIV).


Time to lift up our heads?