Written by Disqus

“User Blocking is a feature that allows you to deal with trolls, spammers, and other unwanted content on Disqus. Once you’ve blocked a user, their comments will be hidden from your view, and your comments will no longer be visible to that user. The blocked account will not receive a notification or indication that they have been blocked by you, and they will no longer be able to view any of your comment content”.

Christian Comment

If you find that no one takes any notice of your comment on a Disqus forum, chances are you have been blocked and you will not be notified. An individual can block you (as above). But the ‘moderator’ also can block you, at whim. Even when blocked, you appear to be able to up-tick or down-tick other contributions, but your vote will not count. At a technical level, the “site moderator” will have marked you as “spam”.

Disqus user, beware!