This shows the ‘reach’ of Big Tech to silence information they do not like. Google’s Multitask Unified Model (MUM) sounds remarkably arcane and boring, but may quickly change our ability to debate openly (at least online) and thus be a genuine threat to modern democracy. Pandu Nayak, VP of search at Google, is reported as writing in a recent post, “By using our latest AI model, Multitask Unified Model (MUM), our systems can now understand the notion of consensus, which is when multiple high-quality sources on the web all agree on the same fact.”

So, if multiple ‘high-quality’ sources agree that the Lord Jesus is not the LORD Jesus, will MUM invalidate and close down any site (or book, via Amazon) that claims otherwise? If ‘high quality’ sources agree the Resurrection did not happen, will we see the basic good news of the Kingdom made ‘virtually’ null and void via Big Tech? Might that soon morph to ‘taking down’ websites (such as church websites) that disagree?

This wider report via Gatestone adds depth to the debate. Will Google soon freeze out Gatestone? Will Google soon freeze out Christian Comment?

Christian comment: one to be aware of, and pray on. In the words of Jesus, “lift up your heads”, because times are changing …….