Tim Hall considers ….. involvement


My first career was in furniture – as part of a degree course I had to serve as an apprentice in a furniture factory for a year. Every few months I would be sent to a different department – the foreman would show me around, tell me what he wanted me to do – show me how to do it and then tell me to get on with it. As the days passed and I got to know the department, so the work I was allowed to do grew – and indeed the foreman would expect me to act with initiative, perhaps starting a new job or seeing something that needed doing and doing it.

I was thinking about this recently, about how Jesus took His disciples and gave them an apprenticeship, how He showed them and then sent them … How Jesus calls us to be His apprentices.


It’s very easy to watch and see, much harder to get involved and do… but that’s what Jesus calls us to be and to do.. we are His apprentices!

How are you getting on? What are you doing? What are you seeing?

God bless, Tim


Tim is CEO of Through Faith Missions