An interesting perspective from Voice for Justice

Voice for Justice

Voice for Justice is always an interesting and challenging read. Here they comment upon recent announcements that the number of ‘non-heterosexuals’ is now aclaimed to be 3% of the British population: . If my maths is right that still leaves 97% pursuing hetero-normative lifestyles ………… But you wouldn’t think that looking at the BBC!

Two months ago we noted that, as regards diversity, the Christian faith is the most diverse and inclusive regime in existence: . It is the most diverse and inclusive world-view there has ever been, or ever will be. The message of the Kingdom is literally open to all. The offer of the Kingdom is literally open to all. You cannot get more inclusive than that!

BBC Grooming Gang

Does the BBC now groom children for exploitation? No doubt they would deny it instantly, but it is a legitimate question to ask. And what precisely did Jesus say about those who seek to destroy His relationship with children (literally, to deny to children access to their Saviour)? Jesus’ words are sombre indeed: Luke 17:2 – . Of course it’s not just the BBC, it’s the ‘progressive’ MSM in all its forms, not to mention the teaching Unions. Those who groom children damage (or even destroy) that child’s life chances of transitioning (there’s a powerful word!) into New Life and into the Kingdom. They undermine the opportunity for eternal Salvation. A heavy price is required of those adults who abuse children in this way. Jesus has spoken. There is an eternal echo of His words for all those who reject Him – and all those who suborn children.

Chicago – windy city

Its not just the BBC. A disturbing report about child sex abuse in Chicago was airbrushed out the MSM narrative. One cannot help but feel if this was an Israel story it would be front page news. But Chicago is a Democrat stronghold and the narrative is uncomfortable: . Perhaps the USA MSM is getting windy about the implications ……..

The Devil hates children

We’ve checked this out before at Christian Comment ……………

Where does the BBC’s grooming Gang fit into this spiritual reality? Where does Chicago’s secrecy fit into this narrative? Let’s get praying. The days may be short, indeed …..