A message from Sarah Winbow, part of the Issachar Ministries team. As the world becomes increasingly dark and godless, God is looking for a people who will be His Light of Life – to ‘light a candle in the darkness’

Good Friday April 7th Passover 2023

Passover marks the time of deliverance for God’s people Israel and, in Jesus’ death and resurrection, of His New Covenant people, the church. It is a time for thoughtful self-examination and repentance ahead of celebrating the resurrection.

Since the death of the Queen, the instruments of State (i.e. the crown, orb and sceptre) have been in the safe guardianship of the Church of England. So, Passover also provides a window of opportunity, ahead of the coronation, for the church to exalt and enthrone Jesus as King over our nation in a fresh way.

The Call

Prepare our hearts. Gather together in heartfelt repentance for the failure of the church to be the people God has called us to be. Exalt and enthrone Jesus as King

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