A free PDF book via Christian Publications International.

Last Days and End Times

How do we see the subject of eschatology? Do we reach our conclusions on the basis of our own ‘Berean’ searching, or largely on the works of other theologians and commentators?

Free Book

CPI is delighted to advise the free release of this new short (47pp) book in which author Robert Sheldon sets out principles and applications of biblical searching to help us as we try to focus on the end time, an ever popular and perplexing subject. The booklet is hugely useful and is linked here as a PDF. Additionally, its copyright statement allows full and free citation/referencing without specific publisher permission, so please use and forward as you see fit.

Glory of Kings – how should we search out scriptural truth in relation to the end times? A link to a (free!) new book in PDF form: https://christian-publications-int.com/images/PDF/GloryOfKings.pdf ).

Here is a book review by David Cootehttps://christiancomment.org/2022/11/01/glory-of-kings/