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Via Trumpetsounds – by Philip Wren. Published May 2023

Strong delusion

“For this reason God will send them strong delusion that they should believe the lie.”  2 Thessalonians 2: 11. The Bible adds that the purpose of the delusion is to condemn those who refused to believe the truth. The delusion will cause people to believe the lie.

What is the lie? We have to go back to the very first lie. It is recorded in Genesis. “….and you will be like God” (Genesis 3: 5). Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, but it did not make them like God. All they gained was the knowledge of good and evil, which caused a rift between them and their Creator.

Ever since that fateful day mankind has attempted to live without God. We see this in the flood when only one family was found to be righteous. We see this at the Tower of Babel where people clung together rather than obey the command of God. We see it in the desire of Israel to be like other nations. Despite many failures Mankind still aspires to the place of god.

Once again in these last days Mankind is aspiring to take the place of God. The Bible foresees that at the end of this age the lie will intensify. It is coming to fruition in what is called ‘transhumanism’.

Grounded in evolution

The delusion is grounded in evolution, in the belief that man has ‘progressed’ from a lower state to his current level. We have reached the point now that Mankind [ believes he ] can control his own future. Transhumanism posits that Mankind is on the threshold of a giant leap forward. Historian, philosopher and writer, Yuval Harari refers to this as Homo Deus, man-god. In the ability to ‘control’ the future we have become like God, thinks Harari.

The phrase Transhumanism was coined by Julian Huxley in 1957. The goal of transhumanists is to evolve mankind to ‘the next level’ so that human beings can supposedly transcend natural limitations and so self-create Humanity 2.0.

Harari believes that humans of the future will be more different to us than we are to Neanderthal man. In his book, Homo Deus, Harari looks to the future exploring how godlike technologies such as artificial intelligence and genetic engineering will define what we become. In the future he expects us to be able to overcome death and create artificial life. “Instead, bioengineers will take the old Sapiens body, and intentionally rewrite its genetic code, rewire its brain circuits, alter its biochemical balance, and even grow entirely new limbs. They will thereby create new godlings, who might be as different from us Sapiens as we are different from Homo erectus.”

Idolatry of the self

We shall eventually manage to become posthuman beings with vastly greater capacities than present human beings have!

Harari rejects belief in the God of the Bible as myth, but instead wishes to deify mankind. He believes that enlightenment humanists, with their belief in evolution, have taken away faith in God, and placed it in other people, hence we see that transhumanism leads to idolatry of the self and a desire to be God.


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