The WHO seeks more powers over parents. Re-tweeted from Mercatornet, Australia.

Saviour ….

The Covid imbroglio encouraged people to view the World Health Organisation as some sort of international ‘saviour’. Funny, isn’t it, that Mankind is always seeking it’s ‘saviour’, but always searching in the wrong place …..

The World Health Organisation has orchestrated a “framework for policy makers, educational and health authorities and specialists” titled, “Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe“. Its purpose is to standardise (in other words override) the diverse teaching practices of sovereign nations within Europe and the wider international community with regards to sex education. Having all-but-forced European nations to comply – some of them very willing ‘victims’, it must be said – the United Nations is seeking to expand a similar framework to all UN member states.

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Of course all this is a profound reason not to allow the WHO to become the WHA (World Health Authority), with executive powers over individual nations – which is the UN’s ultimate objective. What did Jesus say about those who mess with children? Matthew 18-6 gives the answer. There is a terrible eternal reckoning awaiting. They may get away with it in this world, but eternity cannot be cheated ……