Another sad case.

Another sad case, this time where a child ‘identifies’ as a cat and receives vocal support from the now notorious Rye College, which in turn is linked to the so-called ‘Aquinas Trust’. Children who question the cat narrative are openly abused by their teacher. The incident with a teacher, where two girls questioned a third girl’s self-identification as a cat, was audio recorded and went viral:

Satisfied beautiful mongrel domestic cat relaxing on the floor. Moggie cat living its best life. Blurred background with copy space for your text. Selective focus

Teacher Body Cams?

Is it now high time for all lessons to be recorded, and teachers be required to wear body-cams?


Interestingly the Daily Mail in March 2023 ran a report on the Aquinas Trust and described the organisation as ‘sinsiter’. It appears to promote alternative lifestyles that come under the general heading of ‘woke’.

So, children can identify as cats. As we remarked a few months ago, just how mad can our world get?