Peter Sammons, speaking at the 2019 CMJ conference, brings some clarity to the question of “three days and three nights”. Was Jesus crucified on Good Friday, or Good Thursday?

Three Days and Three Nights That Changed the World

Richard Renouf brings a clear three-part message on The Lord’s Prayer. Sometimes we forget what a wonderful pattern Jesus gave us as he taught His disciples how to pray:

The Lord’s Prayer – part 1

The Lord’s Prayer – part 2

The Lord’s Prayer – part 3

“Moving On”. Something we all have to do – all the time! Dan Holland of Through Faith Missions brings three messages on this vital theme.

Moving on – in faith

Moving on – in love

Moving on – with vision

A Zoom interview between Peter Sammons of Christian Comment and Dan Holland of Through Faith Missions about the Light 2020 virtual mission. How real mission can be conducted in ‘lockdown’ …..

A most interesting foray into Acts 19,. George Tadrous leads

This week is based on Acts 17 and deals with the issue of discerning the truth in these days of fake news. Richard Renouf leads …..

Even the early church had its disagreements, and the one between Paul and Barnabas seems to have been particularly heated.

Richard Renouf leads ……

A small section in Acts 16 where the Holy Spirit stops Paul and his friends doing what they thought they were called to do – twice! How sensitive are we to God’s guidance? Richard Renouf leads ……

Week 1

Nehemiah – the role of prayer

Week 2

Nehemiah – the role of People

Week 3

Nehemiah – Perseverance under pressure

Week 4

Nehemiah – Praise! – God has overruled!