There are no easy answers to the question of finding a Spouse when you have a solid faith but live in a secular society. This (secular) Australian article sets out all the questions, but offers no answers:

The apostle Paul warns us not to be unequally yoked (2 Corinthians 6:14) and He had marriage in mind in bringing this to our attention.

My book “One Flesh” (“What Jesus Teaches About Love, Relationships, Marriage, and a Lot More”) offers some practical counsel on seeking a Believing Spouse. It is freely available here as a PDF:

(If you check the website it’s freely available in other electronic formats, as well as the traditional printed book at the identified price).

The bottom line in all this is that we must TRUST Jesus in this matter. If we leave it to Him, He really does have in mind for us the perfect Spouse. Dating Apps just get in the way …

If you really, really cannot “find” a Believing spouse, then you will need to ask yourself the question, “am I being called to be single”? But I repeat, Jesus is more than ready and able to direct you to meet ‘the right’ person – but you do have to TRUST …

Bless you in Jesus’ Name.


Peter Sammons