David Baslington considers the true light …….

Again, Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”’ John 8:12

As a teenager I had the opportunity to visit the Kodak photographic paper factory in Harrow, Middlesex. A group of us were guided into the dark room area, holding on to each other as we couldn’t see where we were going. As we progressed it didn’t seem like our eyes were adjusting at all and then we learnt that, as we went further into the manufacturing process, there were different levels of darkness and we were going into areas where there was less and less light. We then turned around and started to retrace our steps. Everything started to become clear and we were amazed to be told that we were in the same areas that had previously seemed so dark. Indeed, in the final section it was amazing how much we could see!  Our eyes had adjusted. We could see.

That visit always remained with me as a vivid picture of what it is like when our lives are illuminated by Jesus. Times can seem very dark, and yet as we fix our eyes on Him, our way becomes clearer. He guides us. The tiniest light will always dispel the darkness.

Whatever you face in life at the moment, keep your focus on Jesus and He will guide you by His light to see more clearly; to move back to the light. Just as we held hands so we didn’t get lost in the factory, Jesus is always holding on to us even when we don’t know it.

Thank you Jesus.

David Baslington

Administrator, Through Faith Missions