Could ths be a case of history repeating itself?

Could ths be a case of history repeating itself? The normative Christian understanding is that sins are solely atoned-for by – and through – the blood of Christ. If people can be ‘saved’ by dying in war, then would this be salvation by works? And if it is, then why did Jesus die? What was the purpose of His death?

We seem to recall that the Catholic church used to pronounce absolution for the Crusades; today widely decried as a huge abuse.

This is all so very sad, and so unnecessary. The ‘absolution’ by Krill is unlikely to impress or influence many, but may well splatter mud on the name of Jesus. Also, how far removed is this Russian Orthodox position from the normative – and equivalent – Muslim doctrine that all those who die in jihad are forgiven?

We reflected on the messiness of this last month; see below. Things don’t seem to be getting much better. But please go on praying in faith and assurance. God (Who self-identfies as The God of Jacob) is in control, and is working out His purposes.

Incidentally, the technical term for the imposition of ‘priest’ between God and Man, is “sacerdotalism”, a word we rarely hear today. Here’s some background for those who may not know: