Tim Hall considers ….. priorities

‘Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness.’ Matthew 9:35


What have you been doing! Don’t waste time! Find something useful to do! Hurry up! Why are you still here? … These and many others are the questions encountered in life .. either asked of us, or we ask them of others. And the common theme seems to be that every minute of life must be busy and full of important and useful activities for all to see!

Yet what does this activity actually mean? Jesus went about from village to village which looks a bit unfocussed and less than productive – then we read about the healing of the sick… More difficult is the bit where Jesus told us to ‘consider the birds and flowers of the field’ – appalling time wasting! No use whatsoever… Or what about the time Jesus spent with beggars and thieves – why? What good will that be? These people have only themselves to blame, being idle and useless!


We are called to follow Jesus. And to adopt His approach – which means turning our concept of ‘useful’ and ‘productive’ on its head. And so it is that spending time in prayer is actually vital – even if we cannot show any outcome. Sitting with someone whose life has collapsed is imperative. … even if there is no immediate improvement in their circumstance. Speaking the Gospel to a small village gathering is as important as speaking to a crowd in a city.

Of course we can be idle. We can waste time – we can ignore the nudges and words of the Holy Spirit, we can miss the opportunities God puts in front of us. But it is critical to consider the voices we are listening to, the value we ascribe to people, to things, to work itself.

So what are you doing?

God bless



Tim Hall

Tim is CEO of Through Faith Missions