A dangerous stage in the Russia-Ukraine war. What is God saying in all this?Peter Sammons considers.

Biblical resonance?

Of course the whole invasion of Ukraine has been remarkably dangerous from day one, so please forgive the opening statement, above. It is undoubtedly true that multiple thousands have now perished in Putin’s “limited military operation”. In the past ten months we have all become non-specialist ‘experts’ in Ukraine’s history, in global supply chains, in wheat distribution, monetary inflation and in energy dependence. This article need comment no further on such matters. They belong to secular commentators, of which these two recent pieces are notable, if readers have the time/energy:

Does Russia have a nuclear option?


Iran and Russia draw ever closer


The Gatestone article, above, does perhaps have a Biblical resonance, in the sense that Iran undoubtedly has a Moselm ‘eschatological’ view of, and ambition for Israel. The Bible certainly makes the clear statement that the End of our present era will involve the world’s hatred of Israel being manifest. Iran-Russia may have a place in this scenario.

Prince of Peace

In 2015 I wrote “The Prince of Peace”, a short book that explores Jesus’ profound royal title from Isaiah 9: 6-7. Our Lord is Prince of Peace, there’s no doubt about that. But the peace He brings is not peace as this world understands it. Jesus’ peace is a total peace (‘shalom’ is a better word) and an eternal shalom. Praise God indeed! Jesus peace is not from this world (John 14:27). My short book is freely available for download as a PDF, here:


As Christians we do need to remind all people (believers and non believers) that the future holds much conflict, of which Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is only the latest episode. God has told us, plainly.

Of course the ‘world’ is now trying to build its own peace, and ultimately will receive the Antichrist as it’s great ‘peacemaker’. Yet whatever ‘stability’ Antichrist brings will be illusory. This is a useful ‘sketch’ of who Antichrist will be: https://harvest.org/know-god-article/profile-of-the-antichrist/

Whatever the outcome

Of Russia’s invasion, we can be certain of one thing. World government has been brought one step closer in all these events. So what is God saying? I would reverently suggest that God is graciously reminding us that our world is on its trajectory to total rebellion against God’s right to be worshipped in the way that He has ordained. To use an old phrase, this world is “going to hell in a handcart”, sadly. Rebellion entails inevitable consequences ….

President Putin is only one of a long line of international megalomaniacs who oversteps, and fail to understand their own weaknesses. Probably most of us have been rather surprised at Russia’s apparent ineptitude on the battlefield. Is that an answer to prayer? Has God spoken precisely in this matter? Perhaps ironically (perhaps happily?) China’s ambitions and designs on Taiwan may, right now, be a little less bellicose as China sees that wars are easy to start, but much harder to finish. All wars are uncertain.

Like Hitler, Putin prepared for a short war. Like Hitler, he seems to have acquired a long one. The outlook for the Russian economy is not rosy, as this article suggests:


Right now, Russia needs an off-ramp. Will there be limited nuclear war next Spring when the ‘fighting season’ starts again? It is certainly not for me to ‘prophesy’ this. Ultimately we must praise God that He is working out His good, and holy, and righteous purposes in our world today. We are probably not too far from the ‘end time’ of which the Bible speaks. Praise God indeed.


Peter Sammons © November 2022. Peter Sammons runs Christian Publications International and has authored several books including “One Flesh – What Jesus Teaches About Love, Relationships, Marriage – and a Lot More!”

His most recent book “Last Days & End Times – Making the Connection” is highly relevant to this comment piece. Available here: https://christian-publications-int.com/Last_Days_and_End%20Times.html

Here’s a video discussion (Peter Sammons – Dan Holland) in which certain end time questions are explored: https://youtu.be/IpOr3BfTaW8  (Approx 40 minutes).