The political Left and women – again!

This is becoming a theme for Christian Comment. New Zealand Labour Party leader (Christopher Hipkins) has been ‘outed’ for his views on women.

Hipkins served in opposition as NZ Labour’s education spokesperson – an interesting role given that this (presumably) well educated man cannot define what is a woman. Watch him struggle to answer an artless journalist’s question here (one minute) .

For those interested, here is a seven minute analysis of the incident: . Why can New Zealand Labour Party not define womanhood? We’re back to the evisceration of women, which seems to be the political Left’s big ‘project’ today. See our two previous articles (linked at the foot of this article).

The remainder of this report is adapted from a recent report by Citizen-Go.

Posie Parker – attacked

‘Posie Parker’, or Kellie-Jay Keen, is the British woman’s rights campaigner who popularised the standard dictionary definition of woman – adult, human, female, by publishing it on a series of billboards, t-shirts and other merchandise across the UK. On March 25th Kellie-Jay almost lost her life at an open mic event she was holding in Auckland, NZ, when transgender activists stormed barriers and physically assaulted her, covering her in tomato juice. She had to be physically escorted away from the event by a team of volunteer stewards, shielding her from a mob who were literally baying for her blood. Keen said that she knew that if she’d fallen to the ground, she would never have been able to get up and would have left her husband and four children without a wife and mother. Another woman at the event, an elderly 70 year-old, suffered a fractured eyesocket after being repeatedly punched and headbutted in an unprovoked attack by a transgender activist.

The police were conspicuous by their absence. They did nothing to pre-empt or prevent the violence. This sets a worrying precedent for other women in New Zealand wishing to hold a public rally in support of single-sex spaces. Going by Kellie Jay’s experience they cannot rely upon the police to allow them to uphold their fundamental rights and to keep them safe from violent activists.

What happened at Kellie-Jay’s rally was entirely predictable given the amount of rhetoric being whipped up around her. Worringly, New Zealand’s prime minister, Chris Hipkins has contributed to the febrile hostility by calling Keen’s views ‘abhorrent’. When asked how his government defines a woman, Hipkins was lost for words. He stumbled and said that the question was “out of left field. I haven’t pre-formulated an answer” !!!

50% not represented

It’s not exactly difficult. A woman is an adult human female, of the sex class that produces large gametes, with the ability to carry, birth and produce milk for children. If Chris Hipkins is unable to define what a woman is, how is going to be able to defend the rights and interests of 50% of New Zealand’s population?

Of course, like everyone else on the planet, the Kiwi premier knows exactly what a woman is. It is not rocket science – this is primary school stuff! Hipkins is either too afraid of backlash and accusations of ‘transphobia’ from his political allies if he admits that he knows exactly what a woman is, or, he is a fully paid-up member of the gender cult. It is disgraceful that despite taking over from a female prime minister, Chris Hipkins is not prepared to stand up for the women in his country.

There is however something he can do to make reparations. That is to invite Kellie-Jay Keen back to the country and ensure that she has adequate police protection to carry out her event. In the light of the violence and intimidation faced by Kellie-Jay, Mr Hipkins must now reaffirm New Zealand’s commitment to upholding freedom of speech and the right to express dissenting views without fear of retaliation. The women of New Zealand need to know that it is safe for them to call out gender ideology and defend their rights to single-sex spaces, sports and places of assembly. Parents must be able to speak up against pernicious gender ideology in schools and prevent children from being coerced down a path of irreversible medical transition. We cannot let New Zealand succumb to the madness.

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Christian comment:

The normative (and only true) Christian understanding is that God created people as male and female (Genesis chapter 1). Attempts to destroy or ‘merge’ the genders, and especially to eviscerate women, must be declared as demonic. Expect more of the same. But also expect (and pray for) a political backlash. In the western world, the political Left is only one election from massive female retaliation. Here’s hoping …..