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This is re-tweeted from Citizen-Go (dated 01 April 23). Minor edits from CC.

Mocking parents

Citizen Go have run a campaign against Disney and the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, for staging a radical LGBTQ+ concert meant to indoctrinate kids. Citizen Go campaign started immediately after Disney’s announcement that they wanted to partner with the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus which had gone viral claiming that they would “convert your children.” In a short period of time, Citizen Go delivered 72,000 signatures to CEO Robert Iger.

Shockingly, this gay chorus turned popular songs from Disney classics such as Aladdin, and the Little Mermaid into a celebration of male homosexuality. They even added lectures to children about what that song meant for them as gay men. Disney has openly supported the radical progressive agenda by including LGBTQ+ characters in their movies, and even including gay kiss scenes. To top it all off…. Disney decided to celebrate its 100th anniversary with a predatory organization that openly mocked parents and boasted about their plans to ‘convert’ children to an LGBTQ+ lifestyle.

Insiders close to the situation tell us that Disney has will launch an LGBTQ campaign for ‘Pride’ in June 2023, with many LGBT events filling the amusement parks for children worldwide.


These are the friends that Disney keeps, and it’s no surprise that their company is crumbling to the ground. Disney fired CEO Bob Chapek and rehired Robert Iger as CEO because their stock tanked. They have lost BILLIONS for shareholders and continue to tank despite efforts by the new CEO to “quiet things down.” Robert Iger said in an interview that Disney will not alter its stance on several political issues, and said that he considered Disney’s stance on LGBTQ issues to be a matter of “good citizenship.” It’s clear that they will not take major steps to address these issues, nor will they apologize for open attempts to sway children into an LGBTQ lifestyle, and promote a radical agenda that pushes parents out.

As a result of its stance on LGBTQ issues and woke ideology, Disney has lost billions for its many shareholders, but has refused to back down or alter its approach. Disney has announced it is laying off 7,000 employees. Yes, it appears, Disney is laying off their workforce to pay for bad, unprofitable, business decisions.


Disney has announced that it will launch an LGBTQ campaign for Pride in June, with many LGBT events filling the amusement parks for children worldwide with its pernicious agenda. This will target children and is purposefully meant to indoctrinate kids with LGBTQ ideology. As far as the Disney ‘pride concert’ goes, it looks like this will be a new normal for Disney, as they partner with dozens of LGBT choirs to give indoctrination concerts across the U.S.

Families make up Disney’s core customer base. Help us hold Disney to their promise. They must no longer ignore its customers’, families’, simple request that they stay out of politics and remain a place where children can remain safe, flourish, learn, and enjoy themselves.

Christian comment

Indeed Disney’s problems run deep, as these two financial reports suggest:

Will Disney survive? We think the answer is no, certainly not in its present form. A recent popular saying has it “go woke, go broke”. Disney has gone one step further and the popular response may be “go gay, go away – permanently”. CEO Robert Iger is under industry spotlight and is expected to go this year, short of a financial miracle occurring.