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Back in Portugal

Susy was standing, crying and I was sitting, praying… After a long wait, the agents apologised for the delay and told us that, as illegal, we were now part of a blacklist. For five years, we couldn’t return to Brazil. They understand, that was unfair for us, the victims of a fraud, and they tried to remove us from that blacklist… That was the reason why we had to wait for so long…

We arrived in Portugal and, for several months, I and Susy tried really hard to get a job. But nothing came up. Susy had a sister living in London. We borough some money and I travel to London to see about how things work in the UK. I managed to get a NINO and a UK phone number, and I quickly realised that London was too hard, too expensive so I returned to Portugal, but I kept trying to apply to jobs in the UK but outside London.

Finally, a phone call came from Peterborough asking if I could start working as a packer for Amazon. That was something we could do. Our friends helped us by, temporarily, taking care of our children.

New in Britain, and a dream

Susy and I flew to London, took the train to Peterborough, and managed to get nice accommodation in less than one day… In less than one week we were both working… The Lord was looking after us. Staying away from our children was painful.  We worked from Thursdays till Tuesdays, so we couldn’t go to Church and that was also painful…

Giving up wasn’t an option. In less than three months I got an IT job and we moved to Bishop’s Stortford. We then rented a house and the next month we were able to bring the children to UK. Around that time, we were also began to attend Church services, and asked for Church membership.

Both my parents were old, living in a Care Home in Portugal. The only contact was by phone. We tried as much as possible to be in touch with them without sharing our worries.

One night I had a dream. It was in a way, like the one I had when I met the Devil, but this time no one was pursuing me… The Lord was standing on my left… He placed His left hand on my chest and His right hand on the top of my back… I was looking down… I never looked at Him… Why do I know it was Lord Jesus comforting me? Because I felt an incredible, amazing peace… Words are inadequate to describe that amazing peace!… I don’t know for how long Jesus was with me… I was ready to leave everything behind… I didn’t want to “go back” … And then I heard “you have a wife and kids” and then I woke up… Again, I felt ashamed because I thought I was disobeying the Lord by not staying with Him… But I wrong, Jesus wanted me to go back, and that shame was just a product of a sinful heart …

200% sure

Why was God giving me such comfort? I had no clue. I kept this dream for myself and turned on my spiritual ‘radar’… Two weeks later, I received a phone call from Portugal saying that my mother had passed way…

My mother had been a very difficult person. Mostly for being unable to deal with sin and her own troubled past. But she always, always loved Jesus. She humbly looked for Him… She even, temporarily, went to Jehovah Witnesses services but returned to the Roman Catholic Church reckoning that, although with problems, she felt closer to Jesus there…

I remember, a long time ago, having a phone discussion with my mother and saying “Don’t be so such a difficult person to everybody. If you carry on treating people like that, you will end up old sad and alone because everyone will keep themselves away from you.”

During that phone call, somehow I realised what the dream was about. I wonder if there was still another message for me… Curious, I asked for details about her departure. The answer came swiftly “She was surrounded by people; she was in a very good mood, and she gave a strong laughter… And she passed away”…

Message received: Mother left this world, a world that mistreated her, that filled her in with sadness and bitterness with a laughter! I knew where she was! I felt grateful for such love…

I managed to attend her funeral, and when I looked at her body in the coffin, I could see her smile and said, “See you later, Mother…”. Thanks to Jesus, now I am 200% sure that I will meet the Lord and my mother again and that is a wonderful message for me and to everyone else.

The Promised Land

This has been a long journey… I feel this is still not the end of it. I daily pray to the Lord to guide my heart during the rest of my journey. I humbly leave the details and the destination to the holy hands of the Lord.


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