New , free, streaming channel from Barnabas.


Today many struggle to know where they can turn to find reliable, trustworthy Christian content. ‘Mainstream’ entertainment and info-media are not guaranteed to reflect a biblical worldview, almost the opposite! This practical need is now being addressed by,  an exciting new streaming service offering a variety of quality Christian films, animation, documentaries, and more. It’s available on smartphones, web, or TV. seeks to fulfil the Biblical command to strengthen, encourage, and comfort one another (1 Corinthians 14:3) through devotionals and Bible teaching, praise and worship, informative Christian documentaries, and spiritual content for children.

There’s something for everyone to help you grow in your faith and love for Christ. is free to use, with no monthly subscription. Watch whenever you want, for as long as you want. Link here:


The ‘channel has some 250+ videos of varying lengths, and a number of ‘collections’ (series), including,  “Roadtrip to Truth”, “The Lumo Project” , and “The Story Keepers”. Details here:

Roadtrip to Truth”  – a series of 14 videos exploring contemporary themes froma biblical perpective.

The Lumo Project” – the chronological filming of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

“The Story Keepers”

For children: translated into 25 languages and seen on TV in 90 countries, an animation series consisting (at present) of 13 half-hours. It is an adventure series with a biblical theme – a group of children are on the run from persecution in Nero’s Rome. While hiding them in his bakery, Ben tells them stories of the life of Jesus. It works extremely well for a general audience, as our broadcast commitments demonstrate, and it has been highly praised for its authenticity combined with its ability to engage and entertain. The series also won an award for best children’s video and best series at CBA in July 1998. The series was first broadcast by ITV in the U.K. at Easter 1997, and it consistently topped the ratings on Sunday mornings.


It’s quick and easy to subscribe. Simply provide your email address and choose your own ‘password’. Then you’re in. Content is great and the website easy to navigate. Well worth a look!