Euthanase them!

This is what happens in a decidedly post-Christian culture. Core Christian insights on euthanasia are summarised:

  • “God made man in his own image”(Genesis 1:27). Human life is a gift from God. It is sacred and has dignity. Many people see the last part of a person’s life on Earth as a spiritual time of preparation for death and the next life. Euthanasia is wrong as it prematurely ends this special time. God gave life, and only He should take it.
  • Jesus healed the sick and the dying. Therefore, emphasis must be on caring for the terminally ill rather than on prematurely ending life.
  • Many Christians view euthanasia as murder, and murder is outlawed by the sixth commandment, “You shall not commit murder.” (Exodus 20: 13)
  • Luke 12: 6-7 teaches that each individual matters to God, even in little details, “Yet not one sparrow is forgotten by God. Even the hairs on your head have all been counted.”

Mankind ‘progresses’

As we have observed before, ‘Mankind’ now believes he can control life at its entry, through abortion, and at its exit through ‘assisted dying’. The price for abandoning Jesus is only going to get higher ……. What other people groups might Mankind find inconvenient, and ‘in the way’? Who else might we ‘progress’ towards killing?

Further Christian perspectives on euthanasia:


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